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I am always shining: Success

on June 26, 2011

I was looking through the open window. Every time I tried to see straight at him each time I failed. It was so bright & shining. I was trying to pass my gaze straight through its rays. I failed. Then I realised:

The intensity of the sunlight tends to increase & decrease irregularly. But the strength of the sunlight remains the same through out. It is the artful play between the cloud and the winds which make the strength of the sunlight fluctuate and we see sometimes the strong rays & light rays too.

What I learnt from these sun-lights?

When talking about success, it is like the shining sun which never fades. Success is always there shining brightly but while we try to reach success through our own destined path; difficulties, hindrances, problems emerges like the demons and beasts. These difficulties or problems try to delude you from your destination. They want to see, ‘If we are bothered enough to be the owner of the success.’ And the one who fights back is the real hero, the winner at the end.

“So, held your head high & never stop walking in the walk of your life because your success is waiting for you, only you.”

2 responses to “I am always shining: Success

  1. I really enjoyed your 'life' blog.This is a very nice read, too.It seems you had a brush with death and it gave you great insight into our place in this world and love. I believe we are here to learn those, sometimes very painful life-lessons and, until such time as we do, time, in essence, stands still for us, and we keep repeating the same mistakes and feeling the same pain, over and over again, until we finally 'get it' and then we stop the pain and move on to the next life lesson.You are very young but, it seems you have been given the gift of words and of knowing that there is a driving force beyond anything that man can imagine and, you seem to be using that knowledge, wisely.Good luck with your writings.I will come back and read more.Bren.

  2. Shubhashish says:

    Thanks Bren.Your appreciation is indeed a motivation.

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