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Something to do: Home Tuitions

on August 17, 2011
There is a time in everyone’s life when they aspire to earn money. There was a time when I also wanted to earn money, though I wanted a bit early. But I had to compromise with the work which would not have hampered my own studies. I listed down some work I can do for backing up my pocket money without disturbing my college studies. Though the most pleasing work I found was of giving home tuitions. I started off with a single tuition in my first year followed by two more in the second year and finally giving up all the tuitions in my final year. I earned about three thousand rupees in a month after giving three tuitions in a month. I had to spend 4-5 hours each day after my college for teaching my students.

The very first day of tuition was terrible. I was all messed up with which subject to teach, what topic to teach, how to teach. But then I had to do it, I made a plan how to teach then after two or three classes I was confident enough to carry on with the study pressure of the students. Most of the students I taught were very poor in their studies. It was a challenge for me as well. The main challenge I faced was not to teach the subject but to teach in such a way that the student understands the concept very easily. There was a student who failed in his final exams under my guidance. The problem with him was he didn’t use to practice the sums I taught him in my class. But then with a bit of motivation & inspiration and more practice he scored 60% in his final exams next year. His parents were very happy with his performance and he was more confident of his capabilities. Apart from school studies I imparted the basic moral education of leading one’s life which is indeed needed for anybody to be a better human. He was the last tuition I gave.

While teaching I understood few things about teaching that it is not easy to teach when the mummy of the student is standing right behind you and watching your every move then you will be nervous but then the best you can do is speaking some jargons which she can never understand or else ask some difficult questions to the student and make sure the student can’t answer the question asked and blame it on her mummy for not taking care of his given homework. This formula always works if you want to make the mummy out of the study room. Take tuition as a challenge and plan and do the thing which will benefit the student and teach which such that the student understands easily. And learning is a two way process, make sure you access the performance of your student regularly. Sometime when the student under performs then motivate him and make him understand the lesson in some other way in which he can understand. And there is no need to be serious about studies all the time; you can always share a laugh with the student. This was my strategy I adopted while teaching.

One day I was just going through my bank account statement, I was surprised to see that I earned around twenty-one thousand rupees while teaching. But fortunately I spent every penny on my jeans & t-shirts and on the demands of my younger brother. If I could have saved all the money then… Thinking about what is not left with you is never a wise option, in the end you will regret.

6 responses to “Something to do: Home Tuitions

  1. Loved reading this!What a great teacher you were, especially more so having to have the mother standing behind you listening and watching everything. That must have made you feel very self conscious, I know it would me.Well, if you earned that much, then you also know you can do so again if you wish to and, it is so nice to spend money on whatever things you wish to and very kind of you to spend some on your brother, too.You are such a fine young man.I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Du haath khule khorchaa koro tumio bondhu ha ha ha hehehe :-))

  3. Anonymous says:

    Du haath khule khorchaa koro tumio bondhu ha ha ha hehehe :-))

  4. Anonymous says:

    Du haath khule khorchaa koro tumio bondhu ha ha ha hehehe :-))

  5. Anonymous says:

    Du haath khule khorchaa koro tumio bondhu ha ha ha hehehe :-))

  6. Anonymous says:

    Du haath khule khorchaa koro tumio bondhu ha ha ha hehehe :-))

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