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Give a Thought

on August 27, 2011

We live in a country where ethics and values are always respected. Our parents are the first teachers in every child’s life; they teach us these ethics and values which we blindly respect. They taught us how to see the world around you and mostly we become selfish when we perceive the world around us. This is the tragedy of life. We don’t want anybody to grow above us instead we play many a deceptive ways to stop the growth of other person above us. This is the ugly truth of life. And these are perhaps common with most of us.
When we were young I believe everybody has some friends to spend the evening either by playing hide & seek or by racing bicycle in the narrow lanes of our town. Remember how innocent we were then, we never thought of anything else but enjoying and saying good bye smilingly. We had some ferocious fights with friends but those fights we limited to hardly two days and on the third day we use to have ice-cream together. Those days were like the few twinkling stars in the cloudy night, which will never ever happen in your youth even if you try. Things were simple then. In order to make our self stand on our own feet we forget to understand one fine day everybody will be eaten by death. Then the materialistic possessions in our life have no real worth. What will be always worthy to have are good relationships with people around you; the million smiles on their faces will count.  One day will come when we will be old and will drink the evening tea in a winter evening, these days will surely come into our remembrance and tears will roll down through our eyes. Don’t let this happen to you. If this happens to you, then you’ll be the unluckiest person with lots of possession but no happiness in this world.
Life is short and you have to believe this. And make this short life bigger. Revive the child inside you, make things simple around you. Love people and make people fall in love with you too. Forgive people and accept them as they are, don’t try to manipulate. Talk to strangers, who know you can meet a wonderful person someday. And do what makes you happy from inside; it may be something stupid too.

P.S. I am with you.

3 responses to “Give a Thought

  1. This is all very true. As children we think life will never end and that we have forever to put things right if we make a mess of things. But, once you reach your mid 40's you begin to feel your age and then you realise, you're not going to live forever after all. So, live your best life, now. Lovely post from you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Safar Mein Saath Hai, Khwaabo'n Mein Muskuraata Hai,Wo Ajnaabi Hai….. To Phir Kyun…Itna Yaad Aata Hai..!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Relation is Not about How long you have been together….Not how much you give or take….not How many times you talk to eachother…"It's all about how much you value eachother "True relation is a FEELING in which U care for someone more than yourself…hmm like ours!!! Silence Speaks More Than Words….

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