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on September 6, 2011

It was raining sometime back. I was watching a Bollywood movie in my room alone & when I went out near the end of the gate I was surprised to see the wet veranda. Actually I was so much lost into the movie that I didn’t notice anything else happening around me. Somehow I got distracted when the window panes started banging each other but I didn’t bother to care, I was enjoying the movie very much. And when I saw the wet veranda then the one thing that I did was opened the gate & stepped out, stretched my arms and felt the rain drops cooling my skin. What a relief it was? I just can’t write down in just a blog piece.

My heart was filled with immense joy and happiness. But what is the real worth of happiness if we can’t share it with somebody. Realising that I don’t have anybody to share my good times with, my heart felt like standing in an empty playground where you can go anywhere but you don’t have the eagerness to play. It’s like the player inside you died. But then the moment was so beautiful, these feelings didn’t have much effect on me. I went out on the roads which were soaked with rain water, looking kind of clean though only for few hours you can see its cleanliness. I can’t see anybody on the road except few cars parked on the edge of the road and few dogs roaming here and there and enjoying the rains. And I started walking along with the road without knowing where to go. I just walked slowly, very slowly. I have become the victim of the romantic weather while being in solitude. This is the charisma of a rainy evening. Beautiful!

Guys, I have already adjusted myself with being alone but sometimes these feelings drives me go insane. I could have enjoyed the rain more if I had someone to walk by my side, I could have enjoyed more if I had someone to listen to my stupid talks and shared a big time laugh with me. But this is just a part of life: being lonely.

Finding a person of your type is difficult but very much possible. Listen to me; find someone with whom you can share your feelings without any conditions applied. Life will be at his best & you will have your memorable days to engrave on stone. The child inside you will let you find your happiness; make sure you let the child play freely. Happiness is like wanting to eat the ripe mango on the top of the tree and climbing up through the branches and suck the mango juice yourself.

P.S: Happiness is the only jewel we all must possess. Smile

4 responses to “Gossip

  1. But, you did have someone to share it with, you shared it with your readers here. You also knew in that moment too, that you were alive and so you also shared it with your God, too.Love will find you when the time is right, when you are least expecting it. It will come to you, so, enjoy your walks in the rain and one day your love will be by your side to enjoy them with you.Lovely writing.

  2. Shubhashish says:

    You said things so beautifully.Thanks Bren. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    It Is NiceWhen Someone HoldsUmbrella For You In TheRain …ButIt Is The Most WonderfulIf Someone Holds Your HandAnd Runs Crazily With YouIn The Rain … ♥hmm puro paagli hote hobay meye ta k!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Muhabbat thiMagar phir bhi us ko shikayat bahot thi..Mera dard malom hota bhi to kaise???Mujhe muskurane ki aadat jo bahot thi..!!!hmm nayi prem a kono bhu kau bojhenaa!!!!

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