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Two Friends: 2

on September 19, 2011

The first part of the blog piece:
The next day, I was checking my Facebook notifications & messages. I thought visiting his profile and his profile picture drew my attention. I had a close look through his picture and his real picture flashed in front of my eyes. The first thing that clicked me, i.e. things he should change in him so that he can have a better life was the way he dressed and his hairstyle. No, it is not that they are awful but they need to be changed so that he can look more smart & confident. Then instantly I messaged him in Facebook:
First thing I will list which you should change:
1) First change your get up… get a new hair style…wear jeans & t-shirt…don’t hesitate about what people will say… they just can’t see people good looking than themselves… 🙂
Do what I said… then I will list the next…
Adios amigo…tener cuidado… 🙂
I believe first thing that people notices in you is the way we dress and our physical appearance. You don’t have to dress to kill every time but you must dress to create a positive image of yours in the viewers mind. They must not think that you are weak, or useless, or crap.  At least you must dress like normal people of your age dresses. When someone says ‘jeans & t-shirt’, the first thing I can relate is ‘youth’s must have wardrobe’ of today.  And our dressing style creates the first impression in our viewer’s eyes.
But unfortunately my friend didn’t reply me back. May be he is afraid of the change or maybe he didn’t logged into Facebook. This friend of mine needs to learn a lot about the rules of our life. I really don’t know why, but I feel pity for this friend. And I want to help him anyway I can. I hope he understands this and help me too so that I can make his life better. I hope he replies to me back. And the story will continue for a long time…

2 responses to “Two Friends: 2

  1. You are such a wonderful friend to have. It's all about giving, not to see what you can get back, just giving what you can because you care.This friend obviously lacks any self worth and confidence too. You said and did all the right things to help him, but, if he really does want help, he will listen carefully to your advice and try to take the steps he needs to improve his own. But my lovely young friend, before you yourself get way too involved, remember there are some humans who are happy to wallow in their own self pity. So, offer your help as any good friend would but if he doesn't listen and is happy to remain where he is and stay in his 'pity me' moods, then what more can you do.You are so kind, compassionate and sometimes show a lot of wisdom for one so young. He ought to listen to you, if he doesn't, it's his choice.

  2. Shubhashish says:

    That's his problem. No reply from him Bren. Hope he understands, it's for his own good. Thanks for your wonderful words.*bliss*

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