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Let her know you can kiss

on October 11, 2011

‘You kissed her?’ asked Pattric from his friend Samules about his ex love affair.
‘No, I never did.’ Samules replied looking elsewhere shaking his head.
There was silence for few minutes. Then Samules said with a sense of an awkward conscience: ‘I should have done that. But to be honest, I wanted to be a good boy in her eyes.’
‘What about her present boyfriend? Doesn’t he kiss her nor he has any sexual desires towards her?’ Pattric asked disappointingly.
‘Yes. He does everything what a boyfriend does. In the corner seats mostly, as confirmed by few common college friends.’ Samules said pretending that he doesn’t care what her ex is into. But in reality he did, Samules’ eyes were the witness.
Pattric could sense that his friend is feeling bad for her ex. He narrated a story:
“In the ancient days, in an Indian village, there lived the most venomous snake of that time, ‘the king cobra’. The king cobra used to roam around the village for his prey and for that he needs to kill the game and drag it to death with his poisonous venom. The villagers were very afraid of him that time. And the news speeded soon to the neighbour villages.
One fine day, the cobra thought what he was doing is evil and it is not good to kill anybody. The king cobra decided not to bite any prey or human. He goes to find food for him into the village not killing anyone, people started to throw stones on him and somehow he saved his life being half-dead. On the way to his rat hole, he met a saint. The saint asked him, ‘who made his condition like this and why?’ The king cobra told him the whole story. The saint said to the king cobra:
‘The venom is gifted to you so that you can survive on this earth between the cruel people. And if you think killing is evil, and then you’re right my mate. But don’t let the people to kill you. The fear of your venom must prevail.’
‘I didn’t understand what you are saying mahatma.’ The cobra said blankly.
‘You don’t have to kill people but make them afraid of you, raise your fangs towards them. Make them remember that you are still the most venomous king cobra.’ the saint said smilingly.”
Samules smiled at Pattric. 
At last Pattric said, ‘you didn’t kissed her, but you could have let her know that you can still kiss her and do something more for her desires.’

9 responses to “Let her know you can kiss

  1. The moral of the story is, use the gifts you were given for the reasons they were given and don't waste them.Maybe he ought to have asked if he could kiss her. Maybe now, he'll never know if she would've welcomed it.Another lovely read.I had read this last week and must have forgotten to leave a comment.Lovely writing.

  2. I found the story absolutely irrelevant to this conversation whatsoever..The story ws interesting thou but u messed it ol up by relating it with the conversation..And the main lead of this conversation seems like a total dolt.And it still doesn't make sense as 2 why a girl will dump a guy bcoz he hasn't kissed her..I mean dats absolutely stupid.And the corner seats part was way too childish and stupid..Try to bring some maturity in your posts.

  3. Shubhashish says:

    Thanks Bren for your words. 🙂

  4. Shubhashish says:

    To Love redefined:thanks for the criticism.A girl did so.. she wanted male skin.The story was just a mere fiction. Well, maturity, you're reacting like a kido. keep commenting. Get in touch.@iShubhashish (twitter id)

  5. Well! Being a girl myself I dont believe a girl to be capable of doing this..nd dis mere fiction story of yours doesn't fit in wid the conversation dats all I said..I dint know giving a mature opinion about something is taken as being a kido by commoners nowadays!!!! And No thanks I dnt think v nid 2 know each other.

  6. Shubhashish says:

    romTo Love redefined:Then you're in hiding yourself in the wrong den. Get out of it, observe the world around you with open eyes.Anyways being a stranger you can say anything thing you want, I don't mind.Thanks. Keep Smiling.

  7. Wats dis " hiding yourself in the wrong den" stuff I just choose to be eyes are open, thats why I could see and point out your flaws..GROW UP!!not 1ly your writing is immature so r u..Try to bring some maturity in your writing dats ol I can say.

  8. Shubhashish says:

    To Love Redefined:people always love to judge one another and these people can't find satisfaction anywhere, so you're too immature. And someday visit my facebook profile for my applauders. though i love to deal with critiques.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Meri Har Ek Ada Mein Chhupi Thi Meri Tamanna, Tum ne Mehsoos Na Ki Ye Aur Baat Hain, Maine Har Dam Tere Hi Khwab Dekhe, Mujhe Tabeer Na Mili Ye Aur Baat Hain, Maine Jab Bhi Tujh se Baat Karna Chahi, Mujhe Alfaz Na Mile Ye Aur Baat Hai, Main Meri Tamanna Ke Samundar Mein Door Tak Nikla, Mujhe Saahil Na Mila Ye Aur Baat Hain, chele ta boddo boka boka chilo,sobaai to platonic love bojhe na….

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