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on May 22, 2012


Going back to the year of 2008, this year I have finished my schooling but I didn’t pass with flying colours. The day my results were out I was more of afraid than being excited unlike my friends & their parents and of course my parents as well, because somewhere I knew my exam was not up to the mark to as of my friends. Well, I can justify my poor performance but that would not change the grades I scored or the unhappiness I have seen in my parent’s eyes. My parents wanted me to pursue engineering but with the marks I have scored, no decent engineering college would allow me to sit for their entrance exam. But I’ve to go to my college the same year, so I decided to take admission in a business administration college situated in Kolkata. I thank god that I’ve at least passed my school exams & got into some college and moved on with hopes & blessings from my parents & god.

Kolkata was completely a new city for me to live in. Well, Kolkata is the cheapest metro ever India has seen but unfortunately the dirtiest metro too. Most of the things in or of Kolkata were new to me that time, the City Centres, the Metro Railways, the Park Street restaurants, the overcrowded local trains, the cacophonous traffic-jams, the historical buildings & temples, the crowd of Esplanade and not to forget the beautiful bong girls sometimes in tight jeans showing the curves of their buttock and sometimes the modest beauty in Sari. This city made me learn many new aspects of life, like, very few people get the opportunity to do something good and when you get the opportunity don’t let it go waste but capitalise it. This city made a competitive bloke, the competition without any variable results but satisfaction, the satisfaction of the untold competition between us which made me realise my life in a certain way. As each day passed, I grew old with this city knowing some happenings in and around it, it was like that, this city has started to remove the veil from its face and let me know its secrets. The impacts of the happenings around the city were both good and bad depending upon how the people there perceived the situation. The funniest thing about this city is about Bengalis (I’m a Bengali too), they will argue with non-Bengalis keeping a safe distance so that their face doesn’t get any blows. Honestly, this is a beautiful place to live in and rest one’s life.

My three years of college passed in no time. I started to give home tuitions from which I could earn enough pocket money, the best time pass you can do where you can earn money and respect and capacity too. Thankfully got few jewels of life, my classmates cum friends without whom those three years would have been a waste. The professors who given their time religiously for the lectures, most of them were good at making us understand the concept of the subject, thank you all for your effort and helping me and my friends pass our graduation with decent scores. There were times I have been through bad times, and then my friends gave me sympathy and empathy too.

After finishing college, most of my friends went for their MBA, though my close friends wanted a job somewhere. I gave an interview, can’t make it through. I was happy instead being unselected in the interview, I never wanted to do a job and moreover I was not prepared for any job right then. One of my friends was too desperate for a job, he searched for a week or so then finally got a decent one and forced me to join. I went for the walk-in interview but with a condition applied, that we will leave within 5-6 months and go for MBA together. TCS, it was and for a month I have to go through an initial training, it was a good experience, I got the “Silver Certificate” and declared ‘Silver Performer’ out of the 30 freshers who joined TCS based on my performance in the training. Then the main work to be done in the office started just after my training, mine was completely a night shift job. That was not at all a problem for me, nor was the work done on the floor but yes, my boss to some extent. I hated her unnecessary screams at under performers, they needed to be guided and taught in a different way to minimise their errors, screaming doesn’t help always in MNCs. I tried to help my co-workers, understanding how they want to learn things and what the best way to make them learn is, keeping them at peace. They learned the process slowly, but they learnt by heart. I earned most of my co-worker’s love and respect, and I respected them back. The one thing which is important in an organisation apart from working is, being observant and responding accordingly, follow this rule you’ll rise big in any organisation. I left the organisation in around 6 months, while working my day become night and night become my day, a vice-versa routine of a normal human being. On the last working day during the last hours, everybody gathered and to my surprised and asked me to say a few words, ‘I enjoyed working with you guys.’ I said. I couldn’t say much, a flow of emotional feelings rushed through me, a lump in my throat. Some of my co-employees will be always remembered, they’re in my heart.

We together gave the entrance exams and applied to the same colleges, gave our GD/PI together and got selected in a decent college in Pune. This is mid of 2012.

6 responses to “Reflections

  1. Anne Baluch says:

    Good one shish! you gave me a li'l view about kolkata … 😉

  2. Shubhashish says:

    Oh! thank you. I tried my best to write briefly. 🙂

  3. sonamssethia says:

    nicely covered everything..

  4. Glad to see you've updated. I keep telling my teen the same thing, it's no good dreaming about being this or that if you can't pass the university interviews because you don't leave high school with good enough grades. I'm glad you go some work experience and that you are happy where you live. Wishing you all success when you get into your new college my young friend :)Haven't been on twitter in ages, got fed up with seeing the same tweets over and over again. Take care of you 🙂

  5. To Bren:Glad to see you sharing your views with me. I was afraid that are you lost somewhere. I tweeted you few times but no reply. Hope you're doing fine with your kid.Come someday on Twitter we can chat. Take care. 🙂

  6. Rahul says:

    Hi Shubhashish,Just read this post of yours and it captures the mood of lot of MBA aspirants who end up in software firms such as TCS only to realize that they want more. At DesiMBA we are constantly looking for people who can share their stories for benefit of MBA aspirants. In this regard, We wanted to explore, if you would be willing to write a guest post for us.-Thanks, Rahul(@thedesimba)

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