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The long search for blogging ends here. *smiles*


I have wanted to write about this for a long time.  I have so much to say about it. The problem is that I don’t have any stories about it– not that I am willing to share, at least. The world belongs to people who have the best stories.  Sexual liberation belongs to women who are willing to stand up and say “I have sex! I have this much sex with this many people, and it’s okay!” or  “I dress like this, so take that society!” Purity, modesty, and all that is pro-Virgin power comes from personal testimonies and Conservatively told bible stories.

And then there’s me.

Of course, I admire people who do tell their stories. They have changed my life, and the world really does belong to them.  Stories have a neat way of improving social consciousness, evolving into full-blown movements. [Insert Pokemon evolution joke here?].


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Blogging is about….

Blogging to me is speaking up my soul to the world. It's the one way I connect myself with people of different geographies and it gives an opportunity to learn & understand about people and their culture. It's about pouring my inner-voices and let the world understand me through my blog.

Blogging is more about understanding your readers and writing blogs for them and hopefully this will ensure your interest & longivity in the writing arena. But sometimes it is necessary to write for yourself and take enough time & courage to make it happen to mark your presence among your readers.

When I blog, I find peace and rest of the time I'm overdose.

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The why of it all

Writing is something which comes naturally to everybody as a want to express themselves and the want subsequently becomes a need. And most of the times when the voices in my head talks abruptly then it's difficult to get hold of what's going on in my mind. So, to make things simpler and basic writing down the voices is being human. And how long one will fight with himself to understand those voices? Therefore, sit down, open your laptop (or a notepad) and scribble till your head stops spinning.

I believe for me the need to express my soul is utmost important in this very life and the best way I can do so is by writing. I write, therefore I am.

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In my school days there used to be a garden full of mango trees by my school… It was almost silent throughout the day except when the school boys used to race with their bicycle to their home after their school. The beauty of the place was that one can sing like a crow without being watched by many.

The place is almost ruined and most of the place is mostly occupied by the homes. And the peace had gone somewhere else.

It was just more than a place.

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