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Let her know you can kiss

‘You kissed her?’ asked Pattric from his friend Samules about his ex love affair.
‘No, I never did.’ Samules replied looking elsewhere shaking his head.
There was silence for few minutes. Then Samules said with a sense of an awkward conscience: ‘I should have done that. But to be honest, I wanted to be a good boy in her eyes.’
‘What about her present boyfriend? Doesn’t he kiss her nor he has any sexual desires towards her?’ Pattric asked disappointingly.
‘Yes. He does everything what a boyfriend does. In the corner seats mostly, as confirmed by few common college friends.’ Samules said pretending that he doesn’t care what her ex is into. But in reality he did, Samules’ eyes were the witness.
Pattric could sense that his friend is feeling bad for her ex. He narrated a story:
“In the ancient days, in an Indian village, there lived the most venomous snake of that time, ‘the king cobra’. The king cobra used to roam around the village for his prey and for that he needs to kill the game and drag it to death with his poisonous venom. The villagers were very afraid of him that time. And the news speeded soon to the neighbour villages.
One fine day, the cobra thought what he was doing is evil and it is not good to kill anybody. The king cobra decided not to bite any prey or human. He goes to find food for him into the village not killing anyone, people started to throw stones on him and somehow he saved his life being half-dead. On the way to his rat hole, he met a saint. The saint asked him, ‘who made his condition like this and why?’ The king cobra told him the whole story. The saint said to the king cobra:
‘The venom is gifted to you so that you can survive on this earth between the cruel people. And if you think killing is evil, and then you’re right my mate. But don’t let the people to kill you. The fear of your venom must prevail.’
‘I didn’t understand what you are saying mahatma.’ The cobra said blankly.
‘You don’t have to kill people but make them afraid of you, raise your fangs towards them. Make them remember that you are still the most venomous king cobra.’ the saint said smilingly.”
Samules smiled at Pattric. 
At last Pattric said, ‘you didn’t kissed her, but you could have let her know that you can still kiss her and do something more for her desires.’

Two Friends: 2

The first part of the blog piece:
The next day, I was checking my Facebook notifications & messages. I thought visiting his profile and his profile picture drew my attention. I had a close look through his picture and his real picture flashed in front of my eyes. The first thing that clicked me, i.e. things he should change in him so that he can have a better life was the way he dressed and his hairstyle. No, it is not that they are awful but they need to be changed so that he can look more smart & confident. Then instantly I messaged him in Facebook:
First thing I will list which you should change:
1) First change your get up… get a new hair style…wear jeans & t-shirt…don’t hesitate about what people will say… they just can’t see people good looking than themselves… 🙂
Do what I said… then I will list the next…
Adios amigo…tener cuidado… 🙂
I believe first thing that people notices in you is the way we dress and our physical appearance. You don’t have to dress to kill every time but you must dress to create a positive image of yours in the viewers mind. They must not think that you are weak, or useless, or crap.  At least you must dress like normal people of your age dresses. When someone says ‘jeans & t-shirt’, the first thing I can relate is ‘youth’s must have wardrobe’ of today.  And our dressing style creates the first impression in our viewer’s eyes.
But unfortunately my friend didn’t reply me back. May be he is afraid of the change or maybe he didn’t logged into Facebook. This friend of mine needs to learn a lot about the rules of our life. I really don’t know why, but I feel pity for this friend. And I want to help him anyway I can. I hope he understands this and help me too so that I can make his life better. I hope he replies to me back. And the story will continue for a long time…

Two Friends: 1

Last night I had a conversation with my friend who looks like a jerk but a completely good person by heart. Friend A: represents my dialogues in the conversation. Looking forward to see how well it goes with him (Friend B). Here is the conversation between us.
Friend A: How was your exam?
Friend B: I don’t know. Put in the hope of almighty, we should all pass. You & few others are really good people in my opinion. I’ll remember you guys as long as I breathe. I experienced enormous grief & unpleasant things out here. I realised myself as a burden, sometimes I wish if I had a revolver I would kill myself.  It is certain that I have a sad future ahead. I’m dying for freedom, for love & intend to settle at Australia. Here no one wants me. I’m just a trash. Enough said, pal!
Friend A: Everybody is unique in their own way. You too have something special; you just need to find that out. And you are the only person who can find out that speciality in you. And freedom is your choice; nobody can snatch that from you if you really want it. Your parents love you a lot..maybe they never express but they of course they do. And you have to change yourself, a lot. I will text you the list of things to change in you, if you promise me to do so as I say..?? 
Friend B: Don’t think that will be of any help. There are some dark things about my family which I’ll reveal at one point. I’m a good guy but not being treated that way. I know my destination but I won’t be able to reach there. My school mates, nobody wants or misses me. I have been good with them. Its complex, it’s late now. I need to take dinner and feed my pets. You take yours. Good Night.
Friend A: It will be of great help. I bet you. You will love your only life the most. Every family have some dark history, there are some in my family too. But one tip for you: enjoy whatever you do, even if it is the stupidest thing ever.
School is something no one can dare to forget and those friend made in the school are something never unachievable ever. Try to be in touch with them, they will never ignore you and they will love your presence in between them.
Friend B: Like I said a majority of them don’t want me. I tried to reach through Facebook but they ignored. Thing is everyone said college friends are not real but it’s completely incorrect. I discovered good real friends through college. This is something for me to remember. You guys be missed. Bye!
Friend A: Change yourself first everybody will love you. 
Friend B: I may have sounded pessimistic or cynical but all that I narrated is how I felt. It may have annoyed you. Gotta go. Adiós Amigo.
Friend A: No. not cynical but you are hurt and somebody needs to heal your heart. I’m with you. And I will surely throw some ray of hope in your path of life. I will help you. Keep in touch. See yaa.. Don’t lose your hope. Te amo amigo.


It was raining sometime back. I was watching a Bollywood movie in my room alone & when I went out near the end of the gate I was surprised to see the wet veranda. Actually I was so much lost into the movie that I didn’t notice anything else happening around me. Somehow I got distracted when the window panes started banging each other but I didn’t bother to care, I was enjoying the movie very much. And when I saw the wet veranda then the one thing that I did was opened the gate & stepped out, stretched my arms and felt the rain drops cooling my skin. What a relief it was? I just can’t write down in just a blog piece.

My heart was filled with immense joy and happiness. But what is the real worth of happiness if we can’t share it with somebody. Realising that I don’t have anybody to share my good times with, my heart felt like standing in an empty playground where you can go anywhere but you don’t have the eagerness to play. It’s like the player inside you died. But then the moment was so beautiful, these feelings didn’t have much effect on me. I went out on the roads which were soaked with rain water, looking kind of clean though only for few hours you can see its cleanliness. I can’t see anybody on the road except few cars parked on the edge of the road and few dogs roaming here and there and enjoying the rains. And I started walking along with the road without knowing where to go. I just walked slowly, very slowly. I have become the victim of the romantic weather while being in solitude. This is the charisma of a rainy evening. Beautiful!

Guys, I have already adjusted myself with being alone but sometimes these feelings drives me go insane. I could have enjoyed the rain more if I had someone to walk by my side, I could have enjoyed more if I had someone to listen to my stupid talks and shared a big time laugh with me. But this is just a part of life: being lonely.

Finding a person of your type is difficult but very much possible. Listen to me; find someone with whom you can share your feelings without any conditions applied. Life will be at his best & you will have your memorable days to engrave on stone. The child inside you will let you find your happiness; make sure you let the child play freely. Happiness is like wanting to eat the ripe mango on the top of the tree and climbing up through the branches and suck the mango juice yourself.

P.S: Happiness is the only jewel we all must possess. Smile


Give a Thought

We live in a country where ethics and values are always respected. Our parents are the first teachers in every child’s life; they teach us these ethics and values which we blindly respect. They taught us how to see the world around you and mostly we become selfish when we perceive the world around us. This is the tragedy of life. We don’t want anybody to grow above us instead we play many a deceptive ways to stop the growth of other person above us. This is the ugly truth of life. And these are perhaps common with most of us.
When we were young I believe everybody has some friends to spend the evening either by playing hide & seek or by racing bicycle in the narrow lanes of our town. Remember how innocent we were then, we never thought of anything else but enjoying and saying good bye smilingly. We had some ferocious fights with friends but those fights we limited to hardly two days and on the third day we use to have ice-cream together. Those days were like the few twinkling stars in the cloudy night, which will never ever happen in your youth even if you try. Things were simple then. In order to make our self stand on our own feet we forget to understand one fine day everybody will be eaten by death. Then the materialistic possessions in our life have no real worth. What will be always worthy to have are good relationships with people around you; the million smiles on their faces will count.  One day will come when we will be old and will drink the evening tea in a winter evening, these days will surely come into our remembrance and tears will roll down through our eyes. Don’t let this happen to you. If this happens to you, then you’ll be the unluckiest person with lots of possession but no happiness in this world.
Life is short and you have to believe this. And make this short life bigger. Revive the child inside you, make things simple around you. Love people and make people fall in love with you too. Forgive people and accept them as they are, don’t try to manipulate. Talk to strangers, who know you can meet a wonderful person someday. And do what makes you happy from inside; it may be something stupid too.

P.S. I am with you.

Something to do: Home Tuitions

There is a time in everyone’s life when they aspire to earn money. There was a time when I also wanted to earn money, though I wanted a bit early. But I had to compromise with the work which would not have hampered my own studies. I listed down some work I can do for backing up my pocket money without disturbing my college studies. Though the most pleasing work I found was of giving home tuitions. I started off with a single tuition in my first year followed by two more in the second year and finally giving up all the tuitions in my final year. I earned about three thousand rupees in a month after giving three tuitions in a month. I had to spend 4-5 hours each day after my college for teaching my students.

The very first day of tuition was terrible. I was all messed up with which subject to teach, what topic to teach, how to teach. But then I had to do it, I made a plan how to teach then after two or three classes I was confident enough to carry on with the study pressure of the students. Most of the students I taught were very poor in their studies. It was a challenge for me as well. The main challenge I faced was not to teach the subject but to teach in such a way that the student understands the concept very easily. There was a student who failed in his final exams under my guidance. The problem with him was he didn’t use to practice the sums I taught him in my class. But then with a bit of motivation & inspiration and more practice he scored 60% in his final exams next year. His parents were very happy with his performance and he was more confident of his capabilities. Apart from school studies I imparted the basic moral education of leading one’s life which is indeed needed for anybody to be a better human. He was the last tuition I gave.

While teaching I understood few things about teaching that it is not easy to teach when the mummy of the student is standing right behind you and watching your every move then you will be nervous but then the best you can do is speaking some jargons which she can never understand or else ask some difficult questions to the student and make sure the student can’t answer the question asked and blame it on her mummy for not taking care of his given homework. This formula always works if you want to make the mummy out of the study room. Take tuition as a challenge and plan and do the thing which will benefit the student and teach which such that the student understands easily. And learning is a two way process, make sure you access the performance of your student regularly. Sometime when the student under performs then motivate him and make him understand the lesson in some other way in which he can understand. And there is no need to be serious about studies all the time; you can always share a laugh with the student. This was my strategy I adopted while teaching.

One day I was just going through my bank account statement, I was surprised to see that I earned around twenty-one thousand rupees while teaching. But fortunately I spent every penny on my jeans & t-shirts and on the demands of my younger brother. If I could have saved all the money then… Thinking about what is not left with you is never a wise option, in the end you will regret.


I am always shining: Success

I was looking through the open window. Every time I tried to see straight at him each time I failed. It was so bright & shining. I was trying to pass my gaze straight through its rays. I failed. Then I realised:

The intensity of the sunlight tends to increase & decrease irregularly. But the strength of the sunlight remains the same through out. It is the artful play between the cloud and the winds which make the strength of the sunlight fluctuate and we see sometimes the strong rays & light rays too.

What I learnt from these sun-lights?

When talking about success, it is like the shining sun which never fades. Success is always there shining brightly but while we try to reach success through our own destined path; difficulties, hindrances, problems emerges like the demons and beasts. These difficulties or problems try to delude you from your destination. They want to see, ‘If we are bothered enough to be the owner of the success.’ And the one who fights back is the real hero, the winner at the end.

“So, held your head high & never stop walking in the walk of your life because your success is waiting for you, only you.”




Life: In a sentence is what we are living now.

But is it worth to live life as just we are drowning in the flowing river. Life has a worth, which very few people understand & have experienced. I remember when I was in class 10th preparing for my boards; I escaped death just by few seconds. If I was dead that day, I would have never understood the worth of my life. From that very day, I understood that there is some force (most people refer to that force by different names but most commonly in English called GOD) who is there taking care of me from somewhere I have never been to. From that day, I realised life’s faith in me. That very day, I experienced ‘How much my parents love & care for me’. We need to understand our worth in this world.

I must thank life because it considered me to face many problems and made me realise that every problem have some solution to it. And each time I reached to the solution of the very problem, I understood the meaning of my life. The meaning is to live your life as if this is your last day here.

I mentioned life as a flowing river. Yes, I believe life is like a flowing river. Like river never stops flowing whether be it a upstream or downstream. Though the current of the flowing river gets affected, it increases & decreases but never stops. Likewise life comes across with the upstream & downstream too. Upstream refers to problems, difficulties we face. Downstream probably means the happy hours of your life, which you must cherish throughout your life.

Many complain lots about life that their life is getting bored and they can’t help it. Here is a solution to it: Every life has a purpose to deal with. Everybody aspires to become the ‘super hero’ or just live life happily. Find the purpose of your life and concentrate only in the present. Live your present, life will soon give you the present you are waiting for.

The main cause of sadness in today’s world in teenagers is because of: love, a girlfriend or a boyfriend. To be honest, once I was a victim too. But let me tell you: girls/boys are like the public buses and if you miss the first bus then don’t worry you will never miss the later bus coming to the stand, all you have to wait for the bus. And loving someone is never a problem ever, but in the name of love we become so possessive, we manipulate the girl/boy in the name of love. And this is not fair; they have the right to freedom too. They can do whatever they feel is right. I believe they will never do anything which will make the relationship worse, if they truly love you from the core of their heart.

Life is about keeping faith in the force that guides you, it’s about adjusting in the difficult situations, and it’s about being honest to life itself. And lastly your actions/deeds decide the kind of life you are going to live.

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I am still jobless

In this city the two things are scarce: a handy job and a benevolent beauty. This is my assumption. While talking about the later you can find one, though for few weeks time but you can’t get a job(engineers excuse) which initially can satisfy you with the compensation they will offer you.

In the last 3days I sat for two job interviews: I was through with the first but I declined their offer as they were paying 12k per month and the job profile was not convenient for me. In the later, they were paying somewhat handsome salary but I couldn’t make it through the first interview round. The interviewers said I am more of a artistic person and I am not fit for hard-core sales job. Though later I came to know they only wanted local residents of Kolkata.

After they announced that we can leave(including 3 of my friends) then I was very disappointed. Feeling like “Oh God! Why me?”. I hope you guys can understand. But somehow regained confidence and let go what just happened. But one question, “Can I get a job in Kolkata?”. Hopefully I guess, I can. I am still waiting for a job.

And talking about girls I feel they come and go like the public buses. So the same philosophy goes for jobs too. Time will come and it will take me away into the endless finite.

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Story: Please open your eyes

Exams are going on. And the party fever is on. Today we celebrated belated birthday of a friend “Tanuj Sethai”. It was a surprise Birthday treat. He was very happy his eyes, smile, face were witnessing the reality of his soul. He celebrated his birthday after ages, he told this to us and thanked us thousand of times for this awesome surprise.

My main objective for writing this blog piece for you people is that I want to share a shit kind of incidence with you all people. Just thought of making you aware that so called friends too can bankrupt you intentionally. So, I want you to take this time up and few things which must be kept under safe hands in life.

A boy in his early 20s(cheater) and my friend(being cheated) met for the first time through a common friend of us. My friend who is being cheated is a very helpful person by nature but he is the laziest person in the world, which I believe because he always have witnessed completing all work his work after the stipulated time. From the very first day I saw him, I told my dearest & nearest  friend to stay away from that spoilt brat because I knew these guys who only talks about money & money every possible second and these morons don’t want to work hard for that, they simply get accompanied with a rubbish idea which is very cheap or inhuman you can say from my point of view. And their main motive behind those ideas were to make easy money. But if money making would have been easy then there would not be so many cloth less person in almost every street of Kolkata. And more of, even if, you somehow get to make proper use of those damn ideas and you grab some money by fraud or cheating people believe me you can’t keep that money with you for a very long time. My friend started to get into these sort of things. I warned him many times but my words can’t find a place in his ears, he didn’t listened to me. First, things started with little amount of money and later this grows into a part-time habit which was horrible. The main story is:

The cheater asked a sum of Rs5000/- to my friend for buying a second-hand mobile and then resell it to some other customer and promised to share profits equally. And he used ‘greed’ as his tool to bring out the money from my friend. He intentionally never bought any mobile and further insisted that he wants some Rs20000/- for buying a used car and again promised to return the double amount including the interest @ of Rs3000/ month on the total sum he borrowed from him. By this time he didn’t have any proof that he lent. He was so greedy that he lost his mind in the well of money. After a week or so, the cheater returned Rs12000/-. Now my friend have full faith & confidence on the cheater and he become more greedy. Like wise a month passed. Then again the cheater asked for another Rs20000/- from my friend this time he said the deal is fix but he is short of twenty thousand rupees. My brainless friend happily gave another Rs20000/- to him under the eye witness as the cheater’s brother. The happy moron after accumulating the money ran his ass out of this city, he changed his address too. When my friend called up him and got to know that the number is either switched off or the call is not attended by anybody. And you must be enquiring that how can  a unemployed student  can get a big sum of money with him? My super stupid friend gave some money from his college fees and a sum of Rs20000/- from a friend which was due with him. The sum of Rs20000/- was collected by my friend & one of his friend from a man who wanted to get admission of his child into a college in Chennai as donation but as far as my information is concerned no such donation is charged in that college. That means they fraud the money in the name of false donation. Shame on them & their culture and customs. And nobody was aware that he have done such a blunder. But somehow he was caught by his elder brother. And he lied to his parents speaking that he have given the money to a needy student who needed to pay his fees. Bullshit!

God’s grace is always seen everywhere. My friend cheated someone and someone cheated him. See friends firstly, I never like to earn money or fame or name by cheating because someday the illusion will disappear and you will only be left with your ashamed embarrassed face. Secondly, being greedy for money is all right but being greed be of small amount. Never try to think of becoming a billionaire over night because you are not lucky as Mark Zuckenberg(Founder of Facebook). Thirdly, never try for earning money or fame or name quickly or in a hurry, here I am sure you will end up walking in the pot hole and you can’t walk for next few weeks. Fourthly, even if you have done something which is injurious to you and your family don’t try to hide the happening from rest of the family & never lie to them because if you will speak one lie then you have to speak another one to hide that lie. So, I think it’s better to speak one truth than to speak thousand lies. And speaking lies to your parents is a sin and if your parents or anyone looses trust in you it’s damn difficult to regain it. And lastly, make your life a principled. When speaking of principled don’t mean that you will not do your tasks and you will not enjoy your life but always know the maximum limit of everything you do. I believe when you know your limit you can perform your task easily. Before I end, open your brains when it needs to be open, else follow your heart before doing any work. Open your eyes & walk miles before you fall.

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