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on November 15, 2011

I’m standing on the edge of the roof,
I can’t give lives any worthy proof.
I don’t have any words to explain,
I am the reason for all my pains.
Life is worthy if you stand alone,
That’s why all my friends are gone.
They all are winning their life,
They started their game for second fight.
The night is dark & scary,
I might cry aloud at the moonless wary.
Why we have to struggle to be happy?
Why do we all run after paper money?
The world have gone totally crazy,
But I’ll not run after this damn money.
Love is all I need, Love is all I give.
This is the way I choose to live.
Looking into the constant darkness,
I’m searching for some ray of hope.
But I know it’s there with god’s grace,
All lords will surely make me win life’s race.
I’m standing on the edge of roof,
With some promises I ought to keep.
Those promises are mine and I’ll surely someday shine…

6 responses to “Untitled

  1. You are shining. There is no fight for life apart from that which we put ourselves through. As we age we learn those oh so painful life lessons and if we are lucky we learn to stop trying to control all of our waking moments. We cannot control our dreams, our minds take us wherever they chose to go and, we can't control it. So, if we can learn to do the same with our minds when we are awake, it helps.Your path is set, and changes depending on individual choices you make. Even if it is the wrong choice, it will still be the right choice that your fate has decreed would be.I hope that makes sense.Be fluid, like water. Don't try to swim against the tide, drift along within its flow. It's far less tiring and, life will still be life, just lived with less battles and hills to climb.Good to see you writing my young friend.

  2. I added you to my Blogroll 🙂

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Shubhashish says:

    To Sonia: Thank You Girl. 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah at last I met a similer person like me……….But you knw what those PRACTICAL PEOPLES call us?? Ans>>EMOTIONAL FOOLS……But i really dnt care……Bcoz I would describe us FULL OF EMOTIONS….. which those PRACTICAL DUFFERS will never understand!!!!! What is Money ha? Money is nota GOD !! coz….Money cant buy u TRUE LOVE…Money cant buy u a GENUINE FRIEND…..Money cant buy u d ultimate contentment…..Money cant buy u Peacefull SLUMBER…..above all….MONEY CANT BUY U THE ALMIGHTY GOD…….And about Love i can say that….Love is a wonderfull GIFT and GRACE of God for its faithfull followers…..

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