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Delhi Gang Rape

on December 27, 2012

Few days back a girl has been brutally raped by six men one after another. This shameful incident happened in the capital of India, Delhi. Rape is not just a physical and sexual harassment but more of a mental torture as rapists can walk in the gardens of society but the girl who has been raped has to hide her face behind the veil if at all she fights back to live again.

But the question arises, ‘How can men rape?’  Some men are retards maybe, a few of them may not have been taught moral education about how to be like a gentleman and they don’t understand the sentiments of this very life. If these men can understand that every woman is the creator of this nation and whatever they did is a sin and they’ll not be forgiven by anybody on this globe not even by themselves.

The whole nation is protesting for the rapists to be hanged till death. But hanging those six rapists is not the solution to fight against rape (or for such matter any injustice or crime done) and fighting doesn’t mean merely killing those six rapists. No not at all, we should look forward to curb the word ‘rape’ from our society. It is not about giving the rapists a lesson of their lifetime, it is about awakening of the human race for the protection of ‘the creators of us’. Women in any society should be respected & protected because they created us and they will continue to shape the world we live in.

In the last few days, 80% of the nation have made their profile picture a black dot on various social networking websites and merely putting a black dot of shame you can’t bring awakening in the soul of the nation. The people who rapes are of course lower section of society who need to be educated the morals of society and none of them ever used social networks. It’s good to see black dots all around but does it made the right impact?

The Delhi Police has reacted so aggressively that many protesters had been beaten up by the police to control the mob which almost collapsed the normal functioning of the city. The capital of India was forced to stop functioning normally. A protest is for the happening of good cause, the change for the future generation of any nation not for collapsing the smooth functioning of the nation. In the mean time a police constable (Shubash Tomar) died while evacuating the mob and the death of the constable is still a mystery to the whole nation. The brutal rape, the mysterious death of the constable and the protest against the death penalty of the rapists has stirred the nation emotionally.

I firmly believe that the rapists should not be hanged and they should be given last chance to prove them gentlemen but yes after their punishment according to the court of law for their brutal inhuman act. We should look at the bigger picture of bringing in reforms about our conscience about not letting the inhuman act happen further in any country. The police can’t assure safety & security of each citizen rather I believe that everyone should beware that anything un-happening can happen with us anytime. If the jungle is silent that doesn’t mean that there are no tigers in the forest. By saying this I am not being judgmental or otherwise, criticisms are always welcomed.

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