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Story: Please open your eyes

on May 11, 2011

Exams are going on. And the party fever is on. Today we celebrated belated birthday of a friend “Tanuj Sethai”. It was a surprise Birthday treat. He was very happy his eyes, smile, face were witnessing the reality of his soul. He celebrated his birthday after ages, he told this to us and thanked us thousand of times for this awesome surprise.

My main objective for writing this blog piece for you people is that I want to share a shit kind of incidence with you all people. Just thought of making you aware that so called friends too can bankrupt you intentionally. So, I want you to take this time up and few things which must be kept under safe hands in life.

A boy in his early 20s(cheater) and my friend(being cheated) met for the first time through a common friend of us. My friend who is being cheated is a very helpful person by nature but he is the laziest person in the world, which I believe because he always have witnessed completing all work his work after the stipulated time. From the very first day I saw him, I told my dearest & nearest  friend to stay away from that spoilt brat because I knew these guys who only talks about money & money every possible second and these morons don’t want to work hard for that, they simply get accompanied with a rubbish idea which is very cheap or inhuman you can say from my point of view. And their main motive behind those ideas were to make easy money. But if money making would have been easy then there would not be so many cloth less person in almost every street of Kolkata. And more of, even if, you somehow get to make proper use of those damn ideas and you grab some money by fraud or cheating people believe me you can’t keep that money with you for a very long time. My friend started to get into these sort of things. I warned him many times but my words can’t find a place in his ears, he didn’t listened to me. First, things started with little amount of money and later this grows into a part-time habit which was horrible. The main story is:

The cheater asked a sum of Rs5000/- to my friend for buying a second-hand mobile and then resell it to some other customer and promised to share profits equally. And he used ‘greed’ as his tool to bring out the money from my friend. He intentionally never bought any mobile and further insisted that he wants some Rs20000/- for buying a used car and again promised to return the double amount including the interest @ of Rs3000/ month on the total sum he borrowed from him. By this time he didn’t have any proof that he lent. He was so greedy that he lost his mind in the well of money. After a week or so, the cheater returned Rs12000/-. Now my friend have full faith & confidence on the cheater and he become more greedy. Like wise a month passed. Then again the cheater asked for another Rs20000/- from my friend this time he said the deal is fix but he is short of twenty thousand rupees. My brainless friend happily gave another Rs20000/- to him under the eye witness as the cheater’s brother. The happy moron after accumulating the money ran his ass out of this city, he changed his address too. When my friend called up him and got to know that the number is either switched off or the call is not attended by anybody. And you must be enquiring that how can  a unemployed student  can get a big sum of money with him? My super stupid friend gave some money from his college fees and a sum of Rs20000/- from a friend which was due with him. The sum of Rs20000/- was collected by my friend & one of his friend from a man who wanted to get admission of his child into a college in Chennai as donation but as far as my information is concerned no such donation is charged in that college. That means they fraud the money in the name of false donation. Shame on them & their culture and customs. And nobody was aware that he have done such a blunder. But somehow he was caught by his elder brother. And he lied to his parents speaking that he have given the money to a needy student who needed to pay his fees. Bullshit!

God’s grace is always seen everywhere. My friend cheated someone and someone cheated him. See friends firstly, I never like to earn money or fame or name by cheating because someday the illusion will disappear and you will only be left with your ashamed embarrassed face. Secondly, being greedy for money is all right but being greed be of small amount. Never try to think of becoming a billionaire over night because you are not lucky as Mark Zuckenberg(Founder of Facebook). Thirdly, never try for earning money or fame or name quickly or in a hurry, here I am sure you will end up walking in the pot hole and you can’t walk for next few weeks. Fourthly, even if you have done something which is injurious to you and your family don’t try to hide the happening from rest of the family & never lie to them because if you will speak one lie then you have to speak another one to hide that lie. So, I think it’s better to speak one truth than to speak thousand lies. And speaking lies to your parents is a sin and if your parents or anyone looses trust in you it’s damn difficult to regain it. And lastly, make your life a principled. When speaking of principled don’t mean that you will not do your tasks and you will not enjoy your life but always know the maximum limit of everything you do. I believe when you know your limit you can perform your task easily. Before I end, open your brains when it needs to be open, else follow your heart before doing any work. Open your eyes & walk miles before you fall.

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