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I am still jobless

on June 9, 2011

In this city the two things are scarce: a handy job and a benevolent beauty. This is my assumption. While talking about the later you can find one, though for few weeks time but you can’t get a job(engineers excuse) which initially can satisfy you with the compensation they will offer you.

In the last 3days I sat for two job interviews: I was through with the first but I declined their offer as they were paying 12k per month and the job profile was not convenient for me. In the later, they were paying somewhat handsome salary but I couldn’t make it through the first interview round. The interviewers said I am more of a artistic person and I am not fit for hard-core sales job. Though later I came to know they only wanted local residents of Kolkata.

After they announced that we can leave(including 3 of my friends) then I was very disappointed. Feeling like “Oh God! Why me?”. I hope you guys can understand. But somehow regained confidence and let go what just happened. But one question, “Can I get a job in Kolkata?”. Hopefully I guess, I can. I am still waiting for a job.

And talking about girls I feel they come and go like the public buses. So the same philosophy goes for jobs too. Time will come and it will take me away into the endless finite.

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